Marina’s life & mind …


I studied classical music and singing at the Athens Conservatory with excellent teachers and I followed studies in photography and film direction at Eugenia Hatzikou Art School in Athens.

I recorded PSYCHO 40 Days, a cycle of 10 songs with Stefanos Kotatis at FM Records in 1987, at Northlight Studios with the famous sound engineer Remi, under the supervision of the producer Vassos Tsimidopoulos.

Singing and Music are my ways of natural and artistic expression. Are the two elements that constitute my soul’s equilibrium.


Concerts in the last 10 years – out of the 30 years total.

Rythmos Art Theater (Athens), FlyAway creative Bar & Restaurant (Santorini), WEST EAST Suites (Santorini), Mediterranean Beach Hotel (Santorini), Hyatt Regency Hotel (Thessaloniki), Regency Casino (Thessaloniki), Ai-Nikolas Fish Restaurant (Athens), Kivotos of Aegean Wedding Planners (Santorini), CAVO Ventus Villa (Santorini), El Convento Del Arte (Athens), SHARK Bar & Restaurant (Thessaloniki), Kokkalo Restaurant (Santorini), The Fish Bone restaurant (Santorini), Mesogea Restaurant (Santorini). Aqua Vista Hotels (Santorini), Imperial Med Beach Resort & Spa (Santorini), Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites (Santorini), PERSONA Social House (Athens), Poema Weddings & Special Events (Santorini), La Maltese Estate (Santorini), The Majestic Hotel (Santorini), Orizontes Hotel & Villas (Santorini), San Antonio Hotel (Santorini), Grace Hotels (Santorini), Pisina at Marina Zeas (Piraeus), Santorini Glam Weddings, To Paramythi Restaurant (Athens), Grace Ormonde Wedding Style (Usa), Demilmar Club (Santorini), HotelBrain (Athens), Canaves Oia Luxury Resorts & Villas (Santorini), Marmita Restaurant (Santorini), LE GRAND CHALET (Viotia), Astra Suites (Santorini), Vedema Luxury Collection Resort (Santorini), Rocabella Mykonos Hotel (Mykonos), Rocabella Hotel (Santorini), Theros Wave Bar (Santorini), Metaxi Mas Restaurant (Santorini), Astir Beach (Athens), Porto Hydra Village (Hydra).